These past couples of weeks have been super frustrating due to loads of school work, work at the job and family work. It became so intense that I didn’t even come to realize that it was spring break until FOUR days ago! But on the flip side, I’ve finally helped shoot my first video shoot, and am now in the editing process! Hope you guys enjoy the project when I finally upload it onto my site! At 

My reaction after Thursday’s Disability Awareness Celebration

First of all when I was there, I was really excited that everything was being setup before the event began, and then when it turned to 12 pm, I was wondering why didnt the event get started yet, but still the whole event went really smoothly, and I was nervous as well, because this was the first time where I had to sing in front of a big group of audience, and I was so happy after hearing the first performance, and then it was my turn, I did fine, but I couldn’t keep up with the lyrics, because there was someone else singing as well, and finally when it came towards my final performance, I was getting really excited and pumped, and I just have to say from hearing from many students, and friends, I know that I did an awesome job, it was so good that the president of the Helping Hands Club decided to sing with me as well as other group of people.  I am so happy that everyone enjoyed my performances that I told them that I will be back  in May 11 for another awesome thrilling performance.  Overall I really did enjoy all of the performances, and it really was a great day at the end of the day.

Need Help

I remember Prof. Ryan telling us we were able to write one blog and post it on the CT website and our own website. I don’t remember how to do that though. Can someone please refresh my memory?

I did one post on my website and on the CT101 website, but I just copied and pasted the post.