My Own Website!!! :D

I made my own website a couple weeks ago but didn’t get to share my thoughts on it. So here goes. I have my very own website!!! Exciting, I know.

It was really easy making it. One thing that took some thought was the domain name. I had quite a few and had to narrow it down to one.

The only annoying part of the process was waiting for my e-mail confirmation which felt like forever to wait for.

I’m now personalizing my website. My idea was to have it revolve around baking, where I can post my cakes and pastries, and have people reach me through it. I’m not completely ready to have that running right now though, so it might mostly be my CT 101 work. It will be coming soon!!

Go check out my website! 🙂

Typographic Mango

Now that we have two sites, I’m not sure where I should post the remaining of my 14 blogs that we should have by now. I’m going to get caught up with my blogs on this site and then start posting on my website.

Today I created a typographic picture with the help of . This is pretty much a picture where there are letters and number that fills in the space of the object in the picture. I created two with different fonts. I liked the way the mango came out better. What do you think?

My First Website

Well, I’ve actually made a website. Never thought I’d actually get to this point, but here I am. It’s an odd feeling; happy, but odd. Happy because, hey, I’ve got something of my own that, with help from the professor, I’ve made myself. Odd, because…

I don’t know what to do next. Should I put up some posts based on The Daily Create? Should I start using GIMP? Should I even start making something like Pixel Art? Well, the choices are mine and mine alone. In fact, I have had my eye on trying Pixel Art for myself. Heck, let’s go a bit further; I can put anything I want on there for the world to see, which I will… but it still needs work done. Not only that, there is one last post I want to make on this blog before I transition fully to my website, so that will be my priority in the coming week after I finish all the work I have. Until then, you can find me at

Be Seeing You!