Blog Post: Trains, Subways, and the LIRR

Allow me to let you all in on a little secret of mine: I like trains. Honestly, if you want to travel out of town and want to take a load off while doing so, take a train. I always like sitting near a window, looking from above at all the towns that we pass on our trips. It’s like I’m riding off in a metal chariot, high in the sky. It’s also pretty good for getting a quick nap in. Seriously, in 2015 I went to an Information Technology certification course for four months in the Bronx and traveled back and forth from my home in Long Island to there every day. The naps helped greatly. My favorite train line is the Long Island Railroad, or LIRR, cause it gets me from home to Manhattan in less than an hour. Long story short, trains are great and you should take a ride on one today!

End of the semester

Now that the end of the semester is close by, I now feel like I’m running around like a chicken with its head cut off. So much stuff to finish, and I don’t know where to start, and I procrastinated throughout Spring Break. Help.  

Now that the end of the semester is close by, I now feel like I’m running around like a chicken with its head cut off. So much stuff to finish, and I don’t know where to start, and I procrastinated throughout Spring Break. Help.  

Is it summer yet?!

I just want to say If you know how to shovel snow your talented because when ever I try I really look like the picture above. Does anyone else feel like winter has been around too long!? It feels like it hasn’t been a season more like year round , NYC looks so ugly with all the snow  🙁 . As funny as this sounds I feel like I am a happier person during the summer . I feel like a lizard right now my skin is very unhappy!

This is my first winter driving in the snow and I had a scary experience. I was on my way to school and I took the normal shortcut that I usually take but since it was a main road no one had cleaned the streets yet. So , of course my car got stuck ! people are just walking past my car while my car is making this really loud noise as I am continuously pressing on the gas trying to get it out. After a few minuets of this going on a nice man came over asking if I wanted him to try to push the pack while I kept pressing on the pedal. This worked and I actually still got to school on time ! I really need summer to come already ! #nycfroze

On Doing Different Assignments

There are many reason why being a flexible learner is important; the main and most important point is that being a flexible learner means that you are giving yourself the opportunity to learn more. Learning more is never a bad thing; would you rather know more than know less?

Learning to be flexible in a class like CT is important and very helpful. A class like this is an amazing asset for opening up your mind and getting to know a little something about a lot of things.

Looking through the DS106 site, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of projects that are there, and have been done by other students who are both just like me and completely different than I. I took my time to look through some of the assignments and find two that I am interested in– one that I knew that I could do on the spot, if asked, and a second that I would have to take my time to learn how to do.

The first assignment I chose was Dear Future Husband. I thought that this assignment was interesting because it entails writing a short (or long, because sometimes people have a lot to say) letter to your future spouse. I would love to do this assignment because I am a bit of a hopeless romantic. I love to think about writing a letter to my future life partner, telling them a bit about how I was before I met them and how I hope our relationship might go. This assignment also intrigued me because before anything else, I am a writer. While I would definitely put truth into a letter like that, something that might touch the eyes of someone I care about, I have a love for telling stories. Telling my future life partner about me would basically be telling my future life partner a story; they will not have known me as I am today, so really, it’d be a story about someone who once was. No one stays the same as they grow older. We all grow and learn and conquer intimate issues within ourselves, so being able to tell my future love a story of the person I once was sounds quite exciting.

The second assignment I found was one called Glitch Art. This assignment is described as being a project to make a piece of ‘glitch art,’ which would be “a genre of art based around digital artifacts.” The assignment description goes on to say “a digital artifact is the unexpected result of when a technology breaks.” This assignment looked interesting to me because I have no idea how glitch art is made. The project description does not say how to make one, either, so I know I would need to ask for assistance to do this project.

I think that these types of projects would be useful to me because they both help me exercise a part of my brain. The letter project is something that I know I can do well, and the glitch art project is something that I know I can learn and possibly get better at. I think that doing a few types of these projects would be useful to the course for these same reasons; everyone’s writing changes and grows, so writing something personal, whether for themselves or for someone they love, is a great way to evolve their writing. Making various types of art is subjective, as everyone has a different eye and different idea for what they want to see at any given time. These two projects are linked by being subjective and personal to a person, but differ because they allow any one person to exercise different skills.

My reaction to CT, told by Alec Lightwood

My experience in CT so far has been interesting. There have been good days and bad days, when the work and the content of the work is considered. When I began searching for reaction gifs to express my feelings towards the class thus far, there was only one face that came to mind: Alec Lightwood. Played by Matt Daddario, Alec is a character on the Freeform show called Shadowhunters; Daddario is known for his priceless facial expressions as the character. I could not find any GIFs that I liked, so I decided to make a bunch myself.

Shadowhunters GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

My initial reaction to the class was good. I was excited, eager to get to work. I am familiar with computers and the internet, and how they work. I was excited to dive into the class and get started…

Until I figured out that I’d try to go above and beyond with my posts, more specifically, my “making me happy” post, titled Halcyon Days. From the moment I started to type up that post, I knew that it meant a lot to me, and that I’d try my best to make it great with the skill set I currently possess.

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This is exactly how I felt as I was writing the Halcyon Days post. I had written my commentary about how I felt towards the blogging site Tumblr, and I was torn on how to visually show why I loved the site. I took the time to message Professor Seslow about it, and still, I was torn. Quite honestly, though, I was shook.

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Fast forward to February 14th, Valentine’s Day. I’d shown up a little late to class, nonetheless ready to work. After a while, Professor Seslow came over to help me learn how to embed my tumblr blog into my post, which is the issue I had messaged him about beforehand. He knew exactly what to do, and sat down to assist me. Should’ve been easy, right?

Shadowhunters GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Wrong. Professor Seslow and I worked on the coding for the embed. We did about three or four different versions of it, and nothing was working. Nothing at all. It’s safe to say that we were both a bit frustrated; Professor didn’t understand why it wasn’t working when it always had. I was just confused and, to be honest, a little angry.

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I am not quick to lose my patience, especially when it comes to things technology related. I am familiar with the struggles of technology, and I know that there is always a solution. I know that sometimes you just have to calm down and figure it out, but in that moment, I was internally exploding. I wanted to leave.

Professor Seslow came to the rescue, though, with the answer; on his end of our class site, he has most, if not all of us, listed as Authors. He thought that if he switched my listing from Author to Editor, I’d be able to do the embed.

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And that is exactly what happened. In the end, I was able to do the embed, and I was very happy about it. I left class that day both significantly less stressed and with a finished post.

All in all, one bad day does not equate to a bad course. I am still just as excited for the class. I’m even excited to run into similar issues that I had with Halcyon Days, which sounds nuts, but if you never run into problems, how will you ever learn anything? I’m excited to run into problems and get frustrated about it, just so I can feel the satisfaction of learning how to fix the problem and make my work better.