Today is Monday! Usually people hate Monday’s, but since I’m weird I like Monday’s. It’ts just a fresh start for new week, new adventures, and I could learn new things. The hardest part about Monday is realizing that the weekend its over and now its time to get out of bed! Of course, when you have to get out of bed, your bed becomes 10 times for comfortable. But once you’re out of bed your weeks begins! Be productive this week and lastly have a good week. ITS ABOUT TO BE SPRINGGGGG BREAKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!


In class we had to create out own website. The first thing we had to do is come up with a domain name. Ryan always told us that our domain name should be something meaningful. So I came with the domain name of I always called myself Vandaa Gunz lol. I’m so excited that I got a chance to create my own website. This is really something fun! In my opinion its like I have my own personal space on the internet and I think that, that is pretty cool. 

domain name

Today in class we’re making our website domains! I’m so excited because I’d never thought that I’d be making my own website. I’m excited because I can do whatever I want to it. I’m thinking about making the website based on myself. I want incorporate things about my life and things that I like do. Hopefully, my website turns out nice!