Domain of one’s Own: The Review

After reading Audrey Watters “Beneath the Cobblestones…A Domain of One’s Own”, it is clear she urges the reader to make their own blog or web page. Her views on being independent and creating something of your own, is inspiring. It daring the reader to not rely on websites like google so much and create your own brand that is run by you and not a corporation. Watters also talks about the loss of freedom, when you use Google programs like Google+ or it search engine. She discusses how we give Google information about us by using our data, like our web history, what we buy, what we are interested in and etc. I found her opinions to be interesting about how we give our information to google and I feel more excited about creating my own blog. I also learned what Domain of One’s Own is and MOOC.

What I like to learn

What I would like to learn is how to make a video where I am able to play two characters at once, while I’m on the video at the same time. I don’t know if it would ever be useful to my career, but it looks really cool to be able to do. An example of this is a video made by Tyler Gimple as he does a skit of him playing two characters at the same time. I know I will need to know how to use a camera, which I really have never been good with. I’m not knowledgeable on how to use technology to make a project like this, but I would love to try to learn.

Best sport Play/Highlight

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This highlight knockout happened on December 12, 2015 at UFC 194, as Conor McGregor beat Jose Aldo for the Featherweight Championship. The reason I chose this as my sports gif, is because it was the most anticipated fight of the year.   Aldo was undefeated for nine years and dominated his division. McGregor was also undefeated in the UFC at the time and had become a superstar. He not only became popular in the UFC, but in all of sport. His thirteen second knockout was a highlight in every sports broadcast, including ESPN and Fox. What makes it more incredible is that he predicted it, leading up to the fight.

My MMA Highlight gif

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This was one of the moments that made my jaw drop(pun intended) growing up. I’ll always remember watching this moment with my family, as we just stood in awe. This moment is famously known as the Showtime Kick. Anthony “Showtime” pettis devastating kick would help give him the win against Benson Henderson.   These moments are what make MMA one of the fastest growing sports today!!!

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As my first gif I wanted to use a sport and MMA was the first to come to mind. Their is always a highlight that will leave you in awe. This is UFC heavyweight Mark “The Super Samoan” Hunt at his best with his most recent walk off KO!!