It’s Lit !

So this week we began watching tutorials for Photoshop. The original tutorial we watched showed how to create animated photos. I’m not really interested in learning to do this so I suffered to sit through the majority of the tutorial this past weekend.

I am VERY interested in learning to edit photos on Photoshop though. I found a tutorial that teaches beginners to learn the basic and most used tools. Check it out:

So after watching this tutorial, I worked on practicing one of the skills: Removing a person or object from the photo.  Here is the original

and here is the the photo that I edited: 

As you can see, I totally removed the little girl in the orange shirt. It looks like she was never there ! I even got rid of her shadow ! I am so excited. I’m def about to go remove my ex out a few photos that I liked ! Haha !

I plan to continue learning the photo editing skills available on photoshop! More to come !

Class Assignments

I think it’s great that we get to select some of our assignments. After checking out the DS106 Assignment Bank, I’ve settled down on two assignments.

The first assignment I’ve chosen is a visual assignment, Real Life Brady Brunch. I am certain that I could complete this assignment with skills that I already have. Every one with an Instagram should be a pro at making Pic Collages. I think this assignment will be fun because it’ll allow me to show off my friends and family. Also, I selected this assignment because I used to watch the Brady Brunch with my Grandmother ! Stay tuned for the final results.

The second assignment I picked is a video assignment, Video Double Vision. I have no idea how I could put this together but I think it’ll  be so cool. When I was younger and I learned that Lindsay Lohan played both characters in The Parent Trap, I was amazed. I would love to pull this off. I have no experience with video editing or filming so those are skills I would need to learn in order to successfully complete this assignment. I look forward to the challenge.


Sometimes you see a rainbow in the midst of the rain !

Our country may be about to crash and burn due to our new Presidential administration. You may be thinking “Dramatic much?” but just look at the news. There’s this, and this and oh, can’t forget about THIS! The entire ‘CNN Politics’ section makes me feel like

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But this week there were a few things to smile about. This week the Internet gave me some reasons to smile. Check out the moments that made me happy. I saw:


At the Grammy’s Adele gave us one of the best Sisterhood moments ever. She broke the Grammy that she received for Album of the Year in half because she felt that Beyoncé  deserved it too. Bruh..She broke A GRAMMY to uplift another woman. Some of my friends don’t break their last piece of gum to share with me and she broke a whole Grammy in half. It was an amazing moment. Check it out!



An Utah dad surprised his daughter with a Beauty and the Beast photoshoot for Valentine’s Day. They were decked out, costumes and all, with 3 year old Nellee Rossi being featured as Belle. They even used real European castles for the background. Talk about going all out ! It was awesome and she was so happy to see the finished product. So cool !













The Gift of a GIF

Okay, so I live for a good meme or GIF. I’m really excited that we’re learning to customize our own GIFs.  So excited that I couldn’t even think of where to start. But of course, I can always rely on Issa Rae provide me with reactions that I could relate to. One of my favorite shows is “Insecure” so I decide to go to episode one and look for a moment to GIF. Here is the finished product:

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I used this scene that shows Issa and Molly having dinner and catching up on the girl talk. Issa’s reaction is definitely one I experience often when talking to some of my friends !