Social Media Junkie???…More like private person

The types of social media I engage in is youtube, Instagram, facebook, snapchat, and groupme. I do not post youtube videos, but i have an account just to subscribe to channels that interest me. My Instagram account is private. I use instagram as a way to share moments of my life with my followers and to see what is going on in todays world. Most of my followers are friends, family, and people who share a common interest with me. My facebook account is also private. I do not add random people. My facebook is to stay in touch with friends and as a way to contact people if phones are not possible. Snapchat is something I just got into. My friends and I send goofy pictures or videos to one another. The plus side of it is that once you view a snapchat someone sends you, you cannot view it again. Groupme is just a way to contact people or set up plans. We make group chats and add certain people in it depending on what the group it far. It comes in hand when you have to do group projects for school and you are trying to contact your members all at once. All my accounts on social media is private. It is only viewable to those that i chose to share my business with. Basically all my social media accounts are for a way to contact me or others.

After reading the article, it did not change my thoughts of social media. I already know that you must be mindful about what you post online because it can come back to bite you. This article is great for people who carelessly post anything up online. There is such thing as having a healthy online life.

Game On!! Yeah..ok…

I plan to complete assignments that interest me.  I do not frequently check my emails or check websites due to my hectic schedule, but I will make sure to make time to do so. I will make sure to complete assignments at a steady pace. I’m not going to overwhelm myself, but they will get done. The examples of assignments I chose are fanfic and emoji movie. I chose fanfic because I like when I get an opportunity to freely express my creativity and create my own characters. I also chose emoji movie because it looks fun. Its like pictionary in a way. I think we are given a choice of assignments so our creativity will not be restricted. I understand that I will not get full point value for the assignments even though it will be handed in before it’s due and will be pretty awesome. It’s life I guess…

I chose the gif below cause this is exactly how my face be when I see assignments. I can go through 5-6 facial expressions in less than a minute. To me this facial expression means “Yeah, I can complete these assignments.” This will be my face when I open up and see what assignments are due and just get straight to it.


Lets Talk Media

I have some experience with digital storytelling tools. I am familiar with photoshop, gimp, youtube, movie maker, cameras, video recording. I used to dabble in graphic design, but it has been a while so my skills may be rusty. I feel comfortable with those tools because i have used them before as hobbies or for class. I would like to learn more about blogging because it looks interesting. My friends always rave about tumblr. I tried using tumblr but it was kind of confusing. I would not say that I am uncomfortable with it. Once I play around with it I will be able to understand it more.

The media I chose is this picture I took while skating Chelsea Piers. I just happened to be longboarding and on my phone at the same time and caught this perfect moment. I uploaded on instagram and used a filter on it too. I just cant remember which one.