Place An Image In A Text

After creating double exposure using PIXLR, I became interested to create something more with this website. So, I placed an image in a text. I took help from youtube videos to create this thing: 

The videos that I have used –

This is really cool and easy to do. Please try …

Double Exposure

Last week when the professor showed us how to use Photoshop, I became really excited. I wanted to do a lot of fun things using that. But, unfortunately, I do not have photoshop on my laptop and the computers in the library do not have it either. So, I started to browse to find something online for free that is similar to photoshop and I found PIXLR. I thought I could make animated GIF using PIXLR. But, I was unable to do because there was no timeline for creating that. I googled what else I can do with this website. I found something interesting and that is the double exposure. I never used PIXLR before, so I have to use lots of youtube video to figure out how to make the double exposure using PIXLR. This is my first ever double exposure picture that is a girl and her hair is a picture of New York City.

I have used lots of youtube videos. The links are given below.

If anyone wants to create something like this they can watch these videos and feel free to ask me any questions regarding this work.

Interested to learn

This assignment is thoughtful and interesting assignment. When I have visited the daily create website and DS106 assignment repository website, I amazed by the creation that other people have already made. I started to look for the assignment that interested me and I found a bunch of them

Sticky note animation: 

As I want to be a math teacher, learning this sticky note animation can help me to gather the students’ attention and teach them some basic concepts using the magic of technology and some sticky notes. The other reason I want to learn this because it is cool! I am assuming I can make this animation by using Photoshop and But, I am looking for some easier way to do it.

Movie mashup:

I like to watch movies. My favorite genre for movies are detective, thriller, Disney and so on. It will be really interesting if I can create movie mashup of my favorite movies. I am thinking about doing the same for my favorite TV series. But, I have no idea what software I can use to make movie mashups. Please suggest me some videos or websites that will help me to learn to make my own movie mashups.

What is on your toast?

This toast was a creative piece of art. I am really interested in learning this work. I think I need to learn Photoshop in order to create something like it.

Typography photo image: 

This is a very common piece of art in the sense that we can people are using them everywhere for example, in schools, in different business institutions, medical field and so on. But, I did not know how to make one. I am trying to find some online typography generator to make something like that.

Favorite movie quote:

I know there are many ways of doing this kind of favorite movie quote assignment. I am planning to do one for my next posts.

Experience and expectation from CT101

I am a mathematics education major. Most of my mathematics and education classes are well-structured.  According to math and education classes, the definition of well-structured is, I have a syllabus from each class during the first day which has the name of distinct textbooks and has different numbers of homework, assignments, quiz, and exams based on certain topics. Before entering CT 101 class, I was expecting the same from this class. But, when the professor explained the course materials on the first day of the class, I was excited, anxious and confused at the same time. I was excited because most of the assignments in this course will be done based on my choice and preference. So, I will experience the autonomy of learning in this class.

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I was anxious because I do not have any exact manual on my hand to follow in order to complete my preferable assignments.

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I was confused because through the internet I have the access to thousands of resources but I really do not know which one will be the credible resources for me to use.

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From one of my education courses, I have learned that students are willing to work the most when they feel that they have the control of learning in their own hand. I think this class will be a great example for me to experience this idea. I am looking forward to this course and this new research based learning experience

Little things that matter

I am a mathematics education major and thinking about minoring in communication technology. I am a lower junior in York college. I think each semester is a new journey towards my ultimate goal of becoming a graduate. I am thinking about going to graduate school. When I stressed out, I like to color pictures to calm myself down. Here is one of my work. As a student, I use the internet a lot. It has become an indispensable part of my life. I use the internet to communicate with my friends, to do my homework, to find a meaningful explanation of a difficult topic explained in the class, to do research about certain educational topic like motivation, to do shopping, to order food online, to pay my bills and to entertain myself through movies, music, and TV series. I really like to listen to South-Asian music and love to watch detective movies and TV series. Some of my favorite detective movies are Se7en, Inside man, Catch me if you can, Sherlock Holmes, Gone girl. These things rejuvenate me, make me happy and help me to go through each stressful experience of college life.