Saying Bye bye to CT 101 website

This few days will be the last time I will be using this website to post anything related to media, and whatever everyone does these days during social media. From now on, I will be be posting everything to

I hope everyone gets to see all the great things I post every week starting next Tuesday in my own website, and I wish everyone the best in their website, and I know from browsing a few posts, that everyone will do an awesome job, and this will be a great semester to remember.

My reaction to last Tuesday’s class

I am so happy that finally with Professor’s Seslow’s Help, I was able to make my own website, picking my own and unique domain, and getting a Web hosting Account. I have always tried to create my own website even before this class, and it really didnt go so well to my expectations and now I am so happy that I accomplished and got to learn to do many things that I haven’t done before and I will finally have something to show when the job that will be hiring me will look at everything.






Flexibility Assignment 2

For this particular project, I like to talk about other things I like doing with my family. I always like celebrating ramadan which lasts for 30 days, and as a Muslim, I try to fast all 30 days without eating or drinking, until a specific time, and before I sleep, I have to wait for another time to eat something and drink lots of water before I begin fasting again. I enjoy this holiday because I like having to break my fast with my family, and eating something quickly before I have to fast again. I love Eid al Fitr and Eid Al Adha, because when I get up early in the morning, I like having to be there with my family, and I like how I get to pray with them in the mosque and what I like most of all is eating all of my favorite dishes prepared by my dad, and sometimes we go to visit our relatives and we also have a big feast there as well.

Edit “Flexibility Assignment 2”

Flexibility Assignment

For this flexibility project, when I was browsing through the assignments, there is one that really stood out to me, and that assignment is called “Mashup Assignments” I chose to pick holiday mashup, I have basically two favorite American holidays, and not particularly¬† Christmas. My favorite holidays were always “Halloween, and Thanksgiving, if someone were to really know the person I am, they would know that I like eating candy, and ever since I was young, I always liked drinking tea and coffee. The reason why I like Thanksgiving is because it doesn’t always have to be about eating turkey and other type of foods, I always really love this particular holiday as well as some holidays I celebrate as apart of being a Muslim American. I really love my family, and always want to be with them as much as possible, I am really not going to like the changes that happen when I finally have to get married.







This is the result of my animated Photoshop, at first I was so confused in how to work with this assignment, after I let Professor Seslow know by contacting him through his website, today in class, in the first few minutes, he really helped me with my problem, and showed me different things to do which I never really knew about before, this class is basically knowing and learning how to do things you never done before. And below are stills which I have worked with in order to make a simple animated gif through Photoshop