My First Gif

My first gif didn’t come out as a gif. The length of the looped clip got too long and I will have to re-do it.

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This is my third try making a gif, I don’t know why it keeps saying GIFv, but differently from the others this one has the “Original GIF Link.”


I don’t know why this image came out blurry.






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Real friendship with emojis

Yesterday I just found this picture on Facebook. Although it looks easy to create what is seem in the image, I don’t know how to do that. The picture was created with different emoticons from Emoji that I typically use in my Iphone. Also, it has a message that immediately made me laught that says “If I send you ugly selfies, our friendship is real,” and actually this is kind of thruth because people always try to post their best pictures, but those that are really close to you are the ones who see our reality.

Here is the image >>>image




Rosanna Abreu CT101 first assignment.