Week 4 blog

This week has been frustrating for me. I had this English 126 essay to write which was about four pages. On top of all this, I had a lot of homework from History course which put a lot of pressure on me. So the topic for my essay was to write the differences between a short story and a literary essay which is something that I never did before. It took me four days altogether to write this essay, and I hope that I do well in this essay and get a good grade.

Animated graffiti

My first gif created through photoshop. the tutorial on CT101 website helped me quite a bit with this, but I really owe it to my professor he helped me a lot. I found the base picture at a website called Pixabay. It’s a very good website with some really good quality pictures and unique contents. I chose this owl because to me the owl is a majestic bird, I changed the eye colors of this owl at five different opacity levels and saved five different pictures at various opacity. After, that I compiled them. This was my first time doing something like this and I feel like there is a lot to learn about photoshopping, I hope I can get better at this over time.

My pick for Flexibility in Digital Storytelling

Browsing through the DS106 Assignment Bank, I felt overwhelmed by seeing the number of diverse things to do. Out of many, two assignments piqued my interest.

My first choice is “How Does A Song Make You Feel?” because when listening to music I always feel happy. It can make one think about a lot of things that you just don’t feel like thinking in normal situations. Music can remind us of certain emotions that we can relate to in our life. I never did anything like this assignment before, and I would like to learn more on how to do this successfully.

My Favorite Thing To Do is my second choice the reason that I chose this one is because I get to share my favorite thing with everyone.

I feel Throughout this semester we should 3 to 4 assignments like this. Doing assignments like this teaches us a lot of new skills which are really important and we get to experience new ways to entertain.



My reaction on CT101

On the first day of this class I was scared because I knew i wasn’t too good with the things that we were going to do over the semester. I had doubts in my mind whether I would be able to go through with this course.

Scared GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Right now I am in my third week in this class and I am not that scared anymore. I have already learned to create a gif and hope to learn new things over the coming weeks.

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