Week 6 Blog

So the Mid-terms are coming up next week and I am really worried with my History course. The reason for this is because it is a lecture only course and I am not to good with lectures. The worst part for me is that there aren’t any notes to help the studying any easier. Basically for this midterm my professor gave all the students to study 3 chapters which are like 30 pages each and gave us Six essay question from which we will have to choose Four of them. Don’t know why but I feel that maybe I won’t be be able to do well on this exam, maybe because studying in this way is new to me since I didn’t go to High school in this country. I just hope I can finish studying everything by next week and hopefully pass the test with a good grade.

Week 5 Blog

Recently the pressure from my job has been a lot for me and managing my time for college studies at the same time going to work is hard. Being a full-time college student and a having a full-time job is not so easy as I thought it might have been. If I do my work properly, I can’t manage time for my classes and studies, even when I tried to do the opposite I ended up with not going to work on time. These last few weeks I had to do a lot of paperwork. Working in a pharmacy my job is keeping track of the billables from the insurance companies and maintain an up to date inventory of the supplies. This was hard me in this time frame because I also had to write essays for my classes. Overall I would say that it was barely manageable for me and I pray that no has to go through this situation.

My Battlefield 1 Artillery Supercut Monatge

Battlefield 1 is currently one of my favorite video game. I play it online with my friends whenever I can manage some free time. The video is about killing enemies in the game with different weapons and different ways. I chose the best kills in the game and recorded using Nvidia ShadowPlay and finally joined the clips using Adobe Premiere. I hope everyone enjoys this video and like it.

Week 4 blog

This week has been frustrating for me. I had this English 126 essay to write which was about four pages. On top of all this, I had a lot of homework from History course which put a lot of pressure on me. So the topic for my essay was to write the differences between a short story and a literary essay which is something that I never did before. It took me four days altogether to write this essay, and I hope that I do well in this essay and get a good grade.

Animated graffiti

My first gif created through photoshop. the tutorial on CT101 website helped me quite a bit with this, but I really owe it to my professor he helped me a lot. I found the base picture at a website called Pixabay. It’s a very good website with some really good quality pictures and unique contents. I chose this owl because to me the owl is a majestic bird, I changed the eye colors of this owl at five different opacity levels and saved five different pictures at various opacity. After, that I compiled them. This was my first time doing something like this and I feel like there is a lot to learn about photoshopping, I hope I can get better at this over time.