gif animation

I created this League of Legends gif because i enjoy playing this game and the illustration looks really cool.

Since i couldn’t finish making a gif during class, i had to go home and create one. I tried to find photoshop online but it was very costly. So i ended up searching for apps similar to photoshop. After doing some search on the web i finally found an app called GIMP. It has most of the feature that photoshop offers. On top of that the app is free!!

Here is the link to download GIMP for free:

Also if you want to watch the tutorial this video will be helpful:

what makes me happy?

I have few hobbies which makes makes me feel better. I enjoy playing sports such as volleyball and basketball, but soccer is my favorite. It has been my favorite sport since i was a kid. I enjoy both playing and watching the game. Im excited about the world cup which is happening on 2018 in Russia, where top 32 nations compete for the championship. This happens every 4 year.

I also enjoy traveling and spending time with my friends and family.

I took this time-lapse while i was in Hong Kong.