Colorful Wedding!!!!!!!!!!!

Who’s not excited about getting married? Most of us would be thrilled about wedding ceremony.  Wedding is one of the most important events in life of a person.

Many couples believe that wedding is sealed in heaven. With this kind of belief, many couples, especially the religious members of the community give more emphasis on marriage. However, so many things happens in this wedding party. some things that are emotional, funny, and embarrassing too…..

No one wants to bore in their wedding party. Many fun events have driven in this party. songs, comedy shows, and even couples are could be main characters for entertaining of guests.


A dream comes true. Girls would prefer of her weddings  ceremonies could best and memorable someday. That is their dream that would come true. Wedding is one of the most cherished dreams to many grown up women and even to men.

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It’s fun, joy, bonding and heavenly feeling to have wedding ceremony.  The bride and groom to appear at their perfect attire including the arrangement, decoration and desire the best foods to be served at the reception tables.

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Beauty of Nature !!

If I spend time in nature I always feel happier and inner peace in my mind. what about you. Do you feel same way that i feel?

“Biophilia hypothesis” suggests that we are belonging from nature. we have genetic and psychological connection with nature. that’s why we love nature and its beauty.

When you’re alone in nature, or with a loving friend or group of people, you get sweet relief from sexism, racism, homophobia, trans phobia, classicism.

we enjoy and love seasons changes in nature,see the leaves change color or the first snowfall, waterfall and blue sky.

There are the reasons why i believe we are so happy in the natural world. This is why nature heals, and helps us to live lives of meaning and joy.

Fun and Learn

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Remember the days when all students learned the same thing and that was taught to all of the students in the same way? No way, CT-101 class is opportunity to express ourselves in the different way. Its creative , fun and educational. This class made me happy because different learning approach.

When you incorporate technology into classroom instruction, students are going to have fun. As I have made first GIF by the help of imgur. Second time I have done little bit different way. Imgur-Video to GIF-pasting a video from you tube-create GIF-Download-drag to the desktop-edit post -media-drag downloaded GIF to the Blog post dashboard-medium size to full size….then new version of GIF without sign of imgur.

Our human body respond with laughter . Medical science proved that during laughing brain secrets two chemical endorphine and epinephrine that allow more oxygen and healthy life.

Walking first time in the digital arena!!

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This is my first GIF in the Digital Story Telling (CT-101) class. Assignment that we asked to create GIF “What make you happy”. I think to get inspiration, and confidence after doing anything make me happy. However, Professor Ryan Seslow is really inspiring us during lecture and helps us step by step throughout our first GIF making.

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We always learn from our surrounding environment. As this little kid desires to become American Ninja warrior and he is proud of it. He is influenced by mighty Ninja Cartoon character. “inspiration” may come from this little angel.

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“for every disability you have , you are blessed with more than enough abilities your challenges ……some injuries heal more quickly if you keep moving”-Nick Vujicic. Nick doesn’t have arms,legs but he is playing golf and soccer, sky diving and surfing. Isn’t that amazing?  This is really sensational for anyone who wants to hard work.Sometimes i ask myself  where does his confidence come from? He has traveled over 44 countries with his messages and hope. We are blessed because mostly we have our essential organs. Only we need to hard work to pursue our goal.