Creating Your Very Own Website…

I really enjoyed creating a domain name for me, as it was really easy to because my name wasn’t taken. As you don’t want to pick a random name but a name that describes you and you got to choose wisely because you can’t go back and change it. If you need help or an idea into creating a domain name, you can click here “Domain Name Ideas”.The process in creating your website is done with the help of WordPress. My domain name is my first name and the first three letters of my last name and it is actually really awesome to see your name end with “.com” 🙂 It feels like you accomplished how to do something and the ability to be able to teach other people outside of school…and be proud that you learned this in Digital Storytelling class.

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The DS106 Assignment Repository: To My Mom

This writing assignment is a Letter for my mom, as she is the woman who I am close to, who did everything for me from the day I was born, and how much I appreciate her as its not like everyday I say thank you to her.

Dear Mom,

I have realized that from all the types of jobs in the world, a mother’s job is the most difficult. It’s not any ordinary job where if you dislike your job you can easily quit because as a mother you go through a lot of stressful moments but that doesn’t stop her from loving her children. I am thankful for my mom in how well she raised me and I love the way I turned out to be. Without my mother I wouldn’t exist in this beautiful world…I love you mom 🙂

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Flexibility in Digital Storytelling

For my first assignment I choose the Writing Assignments Tell Us About Your Future Life, I thought this topic may be interesting to discuss about and see if I have my future plans set out. This assignment is pretty cool as your writing a short history about your future as I am featured in a textbook like if I were a famous person…pretty neat 🙂

Narmatha Jeyabalan attended college at The City University of York College in 2013 and was majoring in Biology and wanting to be a Pediatrician, that will be attending Medical College after my graduation. But she realized she was making a mistake as this is not the career she wanted to pursue in life, as she was stressed out more than ever and wasn’t happy pursing in this course. Narmatha realized that while taking Biology she enjoyed the math part of it like Chemistry, where it had formulas and numbers to dealt with. From their she perceived in majoring in Mathematics, as she noticed that she always loved math throughout her childhood life and is now graduating with a Bachelors degree in 2017. After graduation she will continue her studies doing a Masters degree and also be working at Citibank. She has so many goals and dreams to chase after, like one is to go on a adventure to view many beautiful cities and islands, another is to go on a vacation trips with her loved ones, such as countries like Paris, Italy, London, etc… Soon after her adventurous dreams/goals she gets married to the love of her life and live happily with her wonderful two kids.

For my second assignment, I choose the Animated GIF Assignments, Reaction GIF because I want to show a gif’s of what really describes who I am, what is it that I like doing, or what things I love to eat.

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I created this reaction gif because this is one of my favorite songs and favorite artist named “Slow Down” by Selena Gomez. It describes how I love to get-together with a group of good friends of mine and have a joyful time.

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My favorite fast food that I never stop craving for is Popeyes chicken. Look at that spicy, crispy, yummy, and to be devoured quickly chicken.

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I believe the love for makeup, fashion, and smelling good is a woman’s secret to feel good about themselves.