Reaction GIF Post: What I`m feeling Right Now :(


HI whats up?
Well this semester so far has been real stressful, how?

i`m been up for 3 days straight 🙁

why? well basically school, my job and my other obligations outside of school make me easily stressed out.

Stressed out like her.
My job is to work with 20 other people for the month of September to develop a mod for a game writing 30 files with 1-3 thousand lines of code each 1 file takes about 8-12 hours to code and that`s not including fixing problems.  X_X


My caffeine intake is more than this guy
i wanna do this to my boss and everyone who has made me mad over the passed 3 weeks D:<

But what makes me keep my sanity ?

Silly stuff like this on the internet makes me smile 🙂 its what keeps me in a good mood regardless of the work load i have to deal with


Oh and Professor

I might be a little late to class today, I`m getting breakfast “I got a empty feeling in my stomach if you know what I`m saying.” D:



                                                                                                                -michael ramoutar

My First GIF(s): And Some Stuff about Myself :D

Hi! Better late than never right?

My name is Michael this is my first post with GIFS

Allow me to tell you a few facts about myself 😉

I`m a computer science  major which means

I write computer code and innovate the field of computers  for a living .

Which in turn also means:

I will earn a lot of money 😛

Now you may ask what influence me to become a computer scientist?

well that is pretty easy i was exposed to computers and technology constantly when i was young i was always into video games when i was younger 🙂

My favorite video game of all time is Doom

Yes DOOM that old game from 1993. Now i wont go completely into why it is my favorite but this game itself was one of the most important works in video game history and for the field of computers in general.

Stuart Brown basically says why i love it still to this day

Well that is enough about me, I`m excited in getting to know some of you and discover what this class has to offer.

I would love to type some more but this demon is ripping my arms off so ummm byeeeee. 😀



                                                                                                                  – michael ramoutar