Queen Of My Dreams, You Are.

For those who have that one, that they like to call that 5 letter word, don’t be absurd. If she deserving, than by all means let it be heard. We should show appreciation when its appealing for us and not appealing for “them”. Showcase her in her lime light and when the moonshine at night, lets get together in private and take flight. Why? Thats for her to know and for y’all to never find out. As my grandfather would tell me, “You are the protector of her and she holds you up when you can’t hold yourself.” Sounds like a spine….A backbone as you people use the term loosely, but truly finding no value in the vocabulary of LOVE, I DOVE in head first with no fear of drowning because my true being would keep me a float. So high above water, my Nike’s are still dry, How?

My Queen, lets procreate and make a kingdom with little ones that will endure your power of individuality, wisdom and beauty. I honor you as the woman in my existence…My Queen, you know the world is your playground and yet you walk with such grace and charisma.

The greatest feeling I ever conceived, was the intimacy you confide in me, Your King.

More so than ever, I want you.
Overly focused on you.
Never doubted our connection.
Everyday you cross my mind.
Time after time, It’s you.
Take me back to “Hi My Name..”

And yet, your in my dreams…..


“Hood Checks”

For as long I’ve known you, you made a lot of my friends celebrities, neighborhood superstars, a successful living and a creative way to provide financially for our families. A piece of matter, let alone some simple materials to compose collectively a bouncy instrument that is shaped similar to our world, and yet it could take me all across the atlas of an globe? Who are you? Who referred me to you? and why have you been so significant to my existence? I have questions, yet no answers….

But In retrospect, you have answered me in more ways than one without saying a simple word. The ending results could make me smile in happiness, cry in anger, and yell in discomfort.

You have one purpose in life for yourself, but for us, you have globally changed the perception of many inner city adoloscents that are in search of themselves, not strongly supported by many parents, but if used properly, the ending results always surpasses its expectations.

I love you, whoever you may be.