90’s and 2000’s: Supercut Bliss!

In Week’s 5 class, we learned how to edit a video in the lens of a supercut, which is remixing several clips together. I have done this before for other classes, but this was my first time using iMovie. At first, it was very confusing but with persistence i was able to roughly edit some of my favorite 90’s and 2000’s shows that I still enjoy today!

[jwplayer mediaid=”18064″]

Creating Magic With Photoshop for Amateurs!


I chose an image of a candle to create my vision of a disappearing flame gif. This is my first interaction with Photoshop and I didn’t know what I was doing! Ryan was so helpful, showing me how to use certain things such as the magic tool, creating different layers of the image, filling the background, playing around with the opacity of the flame, etc.  Although I felt “unsuccessful” with creating an animated gif, I believe with Ryan’s guidance and watching Photoshop videos, I can master Photoshop.

“Practice makes Perfect”

Flexibility in StoryTelling: Diversity for Black Women

For this assignment, I chose two different project ideas that seem “controversial”or “too serious”. But I’m here to educate others about the importance of creating friendly, safe spaces for P.O.C (People of Color), especially black women.

The first project idea I chose is Fox News = Diversity because I felt that this Reddit post was related to what I wanted to discuss about when it comes to diversity in the makeup and fashion settings.

The second project idea I found on weavemama.tumblr.com. Like my first idea, I chose this because I want to show differences in blogging by white bloggers and black bloggers.

I’m not sure if I will use the second one but the first project idea is a go!

Back To School After Winter Break Blues: I Wasn’t Ready

Although York College is a commuter college, nothing beats the feeling of coming home for winter break!  No more crying about assignments from miserable ass professors who like making my life a living hell! No longer did I have to wake up 2 hours before class starts (Living in the 845 problems son.) Lowkey, I missed interacting with other people(#IntrovertProblems).

While people were linking up and making moves,  the only moves I made was to eat and sleep.

Unfortunately, winter break is over and I’m still adjusting to waking up to go somewhere.

Girl….the fact I have to watch professors are drone on and on for 4 days a week! And actually do work! Sigh!

So anyways, it is week 3 of CT 101 and so far, its okay. Ryan seems like a dope ass professor! Lowkey, I’m happy that there is another person who is obsessed with Twitter like me!

My hope for CT 101 is to explore more of my creative side. Whether it is through creating gifs or blogging , I hope to come out my shell and hopefully achieve something.  #ContentCreative #FutureYoutuber.

What Is Making Me Happy: Darkskin Beauty

One thing that continues to make me happy is the love and support shown towards darkskin black women like myself. Although, they are belittled or hyper sexualized by others on a daily basis, it’s still refreshing to see others embrace their skin.  Here are some social media accounts that showcase the beauty of black darkskin women on Instagram!

  1. https://www.instagram.com/darkskinbaddiesdaily/?hl=en
  2. https://www.instagram.com/darkskinwomen/?hl=en
  3. https://www.instagram.com/darkskin.blackgirls/?hl=en
  4. https://www.instagram.com/darkskin.beauties/?hl=en