Emotional reactions to my learning potentials

I remember the first day of class while reading the syllabus, I asked myself if I could actually complete these assignments; blogging, gif animating, social media projects and etc. are totally out of my norm. Digital story telling is definitely not economics and finance, which are things I study everyday. While I was very excited to learn new creative material, I was nervous because this is all very new to me.

Although I was aware that this class meant stepping out of my comfort zone, I know why I enrolled. Aside from Econ and finance, writing is my passion. I want to learn how to create a successful blog or public journal and eventually publish my work on my very on website. This way, I could share with the world the things that are in my head. Once I reminded myself of that, I shook off my doubts and gave it a shot.

I did it! created my second gif now and although it isn’t the best, I must give myself some credit. “You can always go back and edit your post” is something Professor Seslow says in every class. With consistency and practice I’ll see the progress I’m making and eventually master one assignment.

Feeling happy?

One thing that makes me happy is the platform people can create and utilize just from their computers. The internet nowadays, is a way people can connect and impact lives, which I believe to be so amazing. Having the ability to express yourself freely through blogs, sharing your creativity on various platforms for millions to see and feel inspired is what is great about the internet. It gives a shy person a voice, a creative writer the ability to publish their work, a photographer the opportunity to share their images with the world, and a unique person a way to find and fit in a community.