Action Traction Reaction With a Caption

Entering the class I was a little skeptical on what was in store for us as a class. I was questioning how this class would benefit me in anyway possible,and what the professor would be like.

But after meeting Ryan and his personality and enthusiasm about everything was sort of like ⤵️

I knew I would be fine in this class 😁

First thing we were told to create were GIFS, and my initial reaction was



But I know this class will progress sooner or later,so until then i’ll just have to keep up with these assignments.

What Makes me HAPPY!! kindve :/

I decided to be sarcastic and bend the rules a little. I’ll just give you a top 2 (Ranked from least favorite to favorite), to show you the type of person I am.

#2 (#HurtBae)

#Hurtbae explanation ↓

  The Scene, which advertises itself as making “videos for women who get it,” published an intense confrontation between a woman and her ex-boyfriend who regularly cheated on her. The video then became a viral hit known as “hurt bae.”

For me, I love how so many recreations of this appeared 

#1 Giraffe Birth
     Theres a Giraffe in Labor as we speak and I find it crazy how thousands of people including me have been watching the live stream.  I feel as if I’m apart of the family now due to the hours I invested lol.