My very own website

When I first found out I was going to create a website. I was so excited and could not wait. I always wanted my own website and I thought it would be easyThen I get started,pick a domain name and fill out all my information. Im thinking it was about to be so easy. Then all the problems started and I was over it.

So the professor tells me to email the people who could fix my problem. I email them then it fixed but My mood was already blown but I was still happy on the inside just didnt want to show it.


What I know and What I would like to learn (Flexibility in kinds of Digital Story Telling)

When I saw this GIF I knew I could be able to make it because of the multiple websites learned in class. I actually like this GIF because if you know me personally when I am disappointed its more like I am angry then upset. I could go from having composure to being emotional or mad. Making this would be quick and easy because I know the resources needed.  To make this Gif you would need youtube and a GIF website like Giphy and Imgur. The link to this actual gif is

When I first saw this picture I thought it was nice and I did not notice the little girl in the picture. I thought it was fish until I actually stared at it. I would like to learn to photoshop because I would make funny pictures of myself and edit me in pictures that Im not really in. I know some of the resources needed would be a photoshop app but many computers have them installed already. You can use websites like pixlr. You would also need the photos you would want to mash or photoshop. The link to the actual picture is