My Feelings in CT-101 Class 4 Weeks Later

“Better is the end of a thing thing than the beginning thereof” the scripture says (Ecclesiastes 7 vs 8) and I can boldly attest to this fact by saying that my experience and feeling about my CT-101 (Digital StoryTelling) class today is different and definitely getting better.

It’s now four weeks in and i can definitely say that the above GIFs is a complete expression of how I am now feeling in this class. I like the class more now. With the help and guidance of the Prof. Ryan Seslow (RMS) I am getting along smoothly and well. I feel more confident now about the class than before.
In as much as I recognize that there would be challenging times during this class, I feel more confident and I am mentally ready to take up the challenge that this class may bring. I am now learning new things and I can now make my own GIFs.
Feel free to check out this hilarious show “First Class Flight – Mr Bean” in the link below. You will LOVE IT!

My Feelings on my first Day of class

If you happen to know Rowan Sebastian Atkinson, or have seen any of the many episodes of his most watched and very funny sitcom “Mr Bean”, you would agree with me that he is one the most hilarious British comedian and actor the world has ever known that know very well how to express his emotions.

Confused “Mr Bean”

The picture above was a complete description of my reaction and how I felt on my first day in CT 101 (Digital StoryTelling.) class as a new transfer student. I was in a very confused state of mind and not knowing what to do and the challenges I will be confronting in the class, because this was my first ever class that had anything to do with Digital StoryTelling or Blogging.

“Mr Bean” Even more confused

At this very moment, I can Boldly say that the feeling is totally different opposite, because I am beginning to adapt and figure it out bit-by-bit.

It is now 4 weeks in and I already have about for Blogs published about some things that interest me. And you can take a few minutes and check it out.


Making Me Happy Post

One of the things that I love to do besides watching Stand-up comedy or episodes of Martin’s show, that also makes me happy is watching the behind the scene “The Making” of very great movies.

I love this kind of videos because it takes you behind the scene, and shows how movie makers create some very interesting stunts and illusions that looks so real and millions of people who watch these movies would almost never know or believe if being told that its not real.

An example of such intriging videos is the above Behind the scene clip of “Olympus has Fallen” a movie by Directed and Co-Produced by Antoine Fuqua.

Below is the link to the actual movie on A MUST watch!

Here Goes another GIF moment: BARACK OBAMA – Life After Presidency

This is another very inspiring GIF I just made about our Amazing former President During his post-White House vacation after leaving office. Below, we witness the greatest transition of all time. Barack Obama transitioning from Commander-in-Chief of the United States to a Normal Citizen.

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President Obama boarding Marine-One

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Former President Barack Obama learning how to kitesurf with Richard Branson in the amazing Virgins Island. This is indeed what it means to work hard and then play hard. Even though we are sad to see him leave, but i can definitely say that majority of Americans are happy to have had a president like Barack Obama, and are very proud of all his numerous achievements.

President Obama returns to normal life and I can definitely say that he enjoyed his vacation.


Former President BARACK OBAMA – Getting Used to Life after Presidency

So I thought I should share a little more on former President Barack Obama as he begins to adjust to life after his presidency.

Here goes the 44th President of the United State taking time out and spending some days of his newfound retirement in California.

This is the president arriving at the Thunderbird Country Club in Rancho Mirage, California with his smallest motorcade escort in years to and from the gym just outside of Palm Springs.

President Obama escorted from the gym back to Thunderbird Country Club in Rancho Mirage, California.

Picture of Former President Obama joined by one of his host, James Costos, to the gym. James Costos was his ambassador to Spain.

Arriving at the Thunderbird Country Club in Rancho Mirage, California.

An inside view of Former president Obama post presidency vacation home.

A Perfect mountain-rolling desert hill private home for the former president and first lady to cool-off a few weeks after eight years of being the leader of the Free-World.



President BARACK OBAMA captured below driving around in a golf cart at the ultra-exclusive Porcupine Creek Golf Club, just outside Palm Springs, California. In a good spirit

Former president Obama Playing the 18 hole at the ultra-exclusive Porcupine Creek Golf Club

Obama looking relaxed as he makes his way around the golf club in a blue golf jersey.

Astonishing 18-hole private golf course owned by Billionaire Larry Ellison

Obama driving his own golf cart (Top left) and joined by an entourage of Secret Service agents.

My first GIF Post

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YEAH!!!! Excited to create my very first GIF for my Digital StoryTelling class. I was trying to get rid of the Advert image, so i brought the file into Adobe Photoshop and cropped out the Advert. And below is the result of my little experiment.

Playing around with one of my favorite comedy show “MᾹRTiN Season 4 Episode 25” and made a GIF out of it. I Love “MARTIN” and even in 2017 Still have me laughing! This is a scene where Martin tried to cheat on a test at the BURUEA Of Drivers License, and he had to distract the person that was next to him to swap his paper with that of that individual… Lol


Here’s at the link to the full episode. I know you will love it. Enjoy