Leaning How To Add Hyperlink To WordPress

Despite the challenging and difficult experience in class today trying to customize my new website, there was at least one good reason to smile and be happy! That is because today with the help of the tutorial video How To Add a Hyperlink To WordPress I was able to learn something new in class today.

By the time the class was over today, I knew how to add Hyperlink to WordPress so as to be able to link from one document to another.

The HyperLink is simply a link, or a reference to data that the reader can directly follow either by clicking, tapping, or hovering over a text or document. It points to a whole document or to a specific element within a document.

Learning How to Customize My WordPress Website

To be very honest, today’s class was very interesting, and also very challenging and confusing at the same time Therefore it was Not A Laughing MATTER.

The class was interesting because had to we pick up from where we left off last week, by continuing the process of Picking a Domain Name, Getting a Web hosting Account, and Installing WordPress while those that had already done that began to explore how to customize their already registered websites. But it was very challenging because I spent almost the entire class trying to figure out how to customize the appearance of my website and how to create and manage the custom MENU on my new website.

I am still far from really figuring out how to do this, but I believe with the help of tutorials and videos such as WordPress: How To Set Up Menus And Navigation and another one such as How To Customize WordPress Theme, I believe I will be able to learn some things and possibly be able to get my website Theme and Navigation Menus done. www.IkemefunaNwabueze.com is still a work in progress.

My First WordPress Site

Only a few hours ago, I was a complete novice to WordPress, But two hours later I just got my very first self-titled WordPress website www.IkemefunaNwabueze.com up and running.

Today we learned how to search for a domain name, register a domain, sign up for hosting with a web hosting company and now I can boldly say that I am officially a web designer.

I find WordPress easy-to-use, powerful, and very flexible. My next step is to fully create and build my new site, and also learn how to maintain it such as customize my theme, choose great fonts and install some great plug-ins.

The class was very interesting, and I look forward to the next few weeks when I will be able to build upon what I learned today.

Photoshop Animation

This is a type of animation that I would really like to be able to create. Today was my first time using photoshop, and it seems to be a very challenging while attempting to create with it. But I got to figure it out.


Bicycle Animation


A proper knowledge of photoshop will be a major asset to be able to create this animation. But at this very moment I am still trying to figure out how to actually use it. My hope is that very soon, I will be able to understand the basics of photoshop enough to be able to create such Animations.