A Website…??? For Me?! Thanks!

I was having such a busy week with classes and work, that I hadn’t realized that forgot to post about my experience with making my own website last week. So here goes…

Creating my own website was fun and immediately I felt eager to customize it and make it my own….

The actual process of creating the site seemed easy because the professor walked us through it. If I were home alone I would probably have been slightly confused…

Though I do enjoy reading everyone’s post on the  ct101.us, I think it’s kind of special that the class allows up to create our own personal domains where we can showcase more of own individually…

Playing around with Photoshop

I made this simple animation of eyes opening and closing in Photoshop. Learning to use the Photoshop application wasn’t as simple as I would have liked, But accomplishing something easy is never as gratifying as accomplishing something that was a challenge. Like with anything else, I’m assuming with time and practice it’ll get easier. Glad to have learned this new skill.

Movie Poster That Matters

After review the ds106 site, this was one of the flexible assignments that I was interested in challenging myself to create. It is entitled “Movie Posters that Matter.” The idea of the assignment is to modify a movie poster for an issue that means something or provides a launch point for discussion on a social issue.

I chose to use the Rocky Balboa movie cover because this was a popular movie when it released in 2006 after a 16 year hiatus in the series. I also felt it wouldn’t be so challenging to remove and then add my own text into the photo.

This assignment wasn’t too challenging. I actually did it on my cellphone. After deciding what I wanted my poster to say, I found a photo of the Rocky movie cover where the words had already been removed. So I downloaded it to my phone and used an app called Phonto to add my own text.

This is the original movie poster:

My poster-“that matters:”

Did You Say Assignment Flexibility??? Hmmm…

As a journalism major, I was easily drawn to a writing assignment at first. But after looking through and clicking on all the assignment links I found other assignments that I found intriguing and would take me slightly more out of my comfort zone.

The first assignment that caught my eye was entitled “Movie Posters That Matter.” This assignment allows to use something popular to address something important. I’m not a big movie watcher, mainly because I don’t have time for them. But I am a fan of activism and bringing notoriety to important matters. The greatest challenge about this assignment would be to pick a movie cover that is eye-catching or well known, so that it would make a bigger statement.

The second assignment that I would be interested in doing would be the “Audio & Music Video Mashup” assignment. I don’t yet have the technical capabilities to do this, but I am definitely up to learning.I think it would be interesting and fun to see how songs can be matched to other videos and also this assignment would allow me to be creative in the match ups.

I don’t have specific expectations for this course. But i would hope to advance on what we have been learning and how to create more ways of storytelling with different applications and capabilities.

For A Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic

When I first got to CT 101, the only feeling I felt was tired. After coming to class right after a 10 hour work shift.

My feeling towards the class was just like…

Then I thought I’d be feeling like Sia…Thought I wouldn’t produce anything I would want to claim

(The singer never shows her face in music videos or interviews)

But after I created my first GIF, I was feeling like…

Now Im feeling pretty confident and optimist about the semester and also excited to learn more….

Just waiting to see what the rest of the semester holds…