My Bucket List

I haven’t been getting around to uploading post as quickly as I thought I would so I’m a little behind with the work for this class. I am planning on getting caught up on everything though. Here’s one of my DS 106 assignments, my bucket list.

My bucket list is endless. There are too many things to do in this world, so much that I might never get around to doing all, but I can certainly try. Here’s my top 3 that I can remember right now.

  • Travel the world.This has been one of my lifelong goals. I would love to see as much of the world as I can. I am from South America, so I would probably start there and then work my way around the world.
  • Ride a motorcycle. My dad doesn’t want me getting anywhere near a motorcycle but one day I would like to ride one.
  • Learn another language. I want to be fluent in more than one language, one of them being Arabic.



ds 106 assignments

Before this post I didn’t know how to embed a link in a post. It’s actually really simple. All you have to do is copy the link, highlight the word you want people to click on to go to the website and click the insert link icon. Paste the link and click the blue arrow next to the link.

Here is one of the assignments that caught my eyes. This post is about your bucket list. My bucket list is endless so I think it would be fun to make a post on it. Maybe it might lead to me actually writing my bucket list out and work on making them come true.

I found another post that wants you to make a gif in reverse. Since I recently learned how to make a gif, I think it would be interesting to also make it in reverse. Time for research.

Final assignment that I found. Although I’m not one to make videos, this one is really interesting. It lets you “have a conversation with yourself”. I see videos online all the time where someone plays different characters and have it all show up in the same videos, sometimes at the same time. It always seems interesting to me, and it would be cool to learn how to do that. I might find someone else to be my actor.




When I got to this class the first day I was still in break mode. 10am was too early for me.

While trying to stay awake and listen to the syllabus, I realized this class will be fun. The professor seems like he will definitely make learning fun.

After doing the first assignment which was making a gif I was surprised at how easy and fun it was.

I’m currently doing this post on my phone and it’s just as simple as making a post on computer! Inserting the gifs are actually simpler to me, who would’ve thought.

Looking forward to this class