Where I went with this…

At first I found a picture with a nice silhouette that I wanted to use for making a gif.Index

I ended up with this.

132However, I wanted to make the background transparent which I did not know how to. I put the gif into to.be to see if I could play with the gif and make it transparent but that only made the gif a static image. I decided to get a background from another image instead.
2nd Gif
It looks so strange, I thought that extracting the silhouette would look great but it just turned out so boring.

Source Images

Teaching a friend how to draw sprites for his game

My friend was recently inspired by an indie game he played. He decided to develop his own game using the same program as the creator of the game Dhux’s Scar. While he isn’t a total beginner at game designing, he is pretty much clueless when it comes to sprite creation and drawing backgrounds. I decided to help him out by teaching him some of the basics of layer art and opacity for sprites. However, it turns out I myself had problems with it too even though I had background knowledge in this area. The programs I used all exported in 32bit. The program he was using only accepted 8bit files so I had to convert those files to 8bit. I found a file converter online which allowed quick and free conversion. I was unsure at first but when the files were tested, they were all able to be placed in the database. After that issue was dealt with, he told me that he wanted to create his own background images for cutscenes and other parts of his game. As of now, he’s currently working on outlining and coloring. When I was watching him do this, I was reminded of the times when I first started digital drawings a few years back since he was making the same mistakes I was doing. When he made a mistake that was too difficult to undo, I somewhat laughed since it was a good lesson for him to make backups. I helped him fix it as much as possible afterwards. His art isn’t even worth putting up now, but he is committed to getting better.

Website Purpose?

I enjoy creating artwork digitally. I decided to use the website as a place to display my finished work and the works that I’m planning to publish. I intend to make the site visually appealing so I’m currently working on that before I add my other works to it. I have also created a tab that redirects the viewer to my deviantart page which is another place where I share some of my art. I recently saw a friend’s website and it was beautifully crafted. She definitely put a lot of work into it and I want my website to be similar to hers. My site is currently still primitive but the domain is thisisocay.com if anyone wants to see.

Player rivalry

In a game as competitive as Super Smash Bros. Melee, rivalries are inevitable. The game has seen countless rivalries which are often disputed with simple money matches or just regular exhibition matches to decide who is the better of the two players. However, some players can take things a step further. One player, Liquid | Chillindude, is known for his composing of “diss tracks” or essentially raps created to call out their rival. His diss track on the player, TSM | Leffen, gained popularity in the Smash community. Many players sided with Chillindude for his battle against Leffen due to Leffen’s arrogant play-style and unsportsmanlike personality. Chillindude has also been playing longer than Leffen so he is respected as an elder of the game. Once the two players actually played, Chillindude lost 5 games in a row to Leffen in a “first to 5 wins” challenge. Chillindude’s reaction to losing was simply telling everyone “My B” which has become a popular meme among the Smash community and outside of it.

Despite losing terribly against a player he called out, Chillindude has continued his composing of diss tracks. Recently, he has composed a track on another player, Hugs. However, Hugs was not alone in his battle with Chillindude. Instead, a player by the name of Mike Haze defended him and released his own diss track against Chillindude, prompting him that he will be beaten if they were to play against each other. After his track was released, the Smash community exploded and started to take sides and expect a money match from these two.

I am absolutely hyped for these two to play. Rivalries are always entertaining to watch, especially when both sides have went to far to disrespect the other.

Liquid | Chillindude

Mike Haze

Video Sources:

VGBootCamp – Apex 2015 Footage
Chillindude829 – Respect Your Elders Diss Track,
Nice Shot Hugo Diss Track
MikeHazeGaming – No Chill Diss Track