Surprisingly I had a hard time with this assignment but I do like the end result. I was really good at using photoshop back in high school and this just reminded me how much i have forgotten already ! I wanted to practice more but since there wasn’t enough time in class I looked online to find another way to make a image move using filters. I saw IT recently and figured this was a good assignment to try it out.

If anyone else wants to try I used to create the GIF and used to create the different filters. Photoshop is a lot more smooth looking but its still cool to see how you can use other websites to do something similar.

Mad Motel

I didn’t have time to work on this assignment with a partner due to the bad internet connection in class so I chose two projects I am interested in.

The first project I am interested in completing is “wiring mirror scenes” where you have to find scenes from a show and compare them to show how they mirror each other in some way. I will use scenes from Bates Motel and Psycho. I think it would be cool to compare the prequel to the sequel.

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The second is “graphic gift” where you take a old advertisement and create a piece of cool clip art. One of my favorite shows is Mad Men so I can use one of Don’s advertisements for my project.

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I chose these assignments because when reading about what they would entail I realized I could use shows that I am interested in and utilize the content of the storylines. For the first post I can find pictures from the show and compare them myself. For the second post I would need to learn how create clip art. For “wiring mirror scenes” I think I could create a couple of posts and become more creative overtime. These skills are important because I am not a creative person so throughout the semester thats something I would like to improve on.


My First Thoughts

When I signed up for this class I was really excited to learn more about using computers which went like this

Then on the first day of class I figured out we would be using a website I was already familiar with

I’m really excited for this class because it already doesn’t feel like work when doing a assignment. Unlike my other classes since I am a psychology major most of my papers are structured and have specific guidelines. With this class you can make the assignment your own. So i’m pretty excited for this class.

Making Me Happy

It was hard for me to think of what has made me happy on the internet and what I immediately thought of was Narcos coming back. I haven’t finished watching the new season yet so I thought I would share a GIF from from seasons 3 trailer which isn’t much of a spoiler alert for those who haven’t watched yet.

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I found this on youtube just from watching the trailer. This season is about taking down the Cali cartel, again I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone but everyone should watch this show.

Another thing that made me happy was that Cillian Murphy, star of another one of my favorite shows Peaky Blinders was name TV actor of the year by GQ UK. Click Here for the article.


Week One- My First GIF

I choose this GIF because Lana Del Rey is one of my favorite artists. This music video “National Anthem” has been made into many different GIFs. But I made one that I haven’t seen before.

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This GIF is from one of my favorite shows “Peaky Blinders” that I have rewatched a couple of times.

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