I’m Going to Get Good at This!~

I am a novice in the digital world, so making a GOOGLE FORM is one of the things I would love to become really good at. I attempted one after taking the survey that Professor Smith sent. I clicked on the link and tried to follow directions the best I could, I tried to send it to professor, hopefully he can help me to figure out how to post it so everyone in the class can attempt my first work on Google forms. This skill is important to me because as an educator it could be an easier means of communicating with parents, my colleagues and members of some committees and boards that I am a part off when we need to get things done. I thinks we be given at least 3 or 4 of these assignments including teaching us how to send it to everyone we post to. Doing that will help me to build emergent storytelling skills and use new tools to create stories. I believe I would be able to create a short movie using a few clips…I helped my daughter use movie maker to create a documentary about Emmett Till. I learned a lot working with her. If  we do one movie this semester that would be GREAT


Me…A Digital Storyteller?

benI entered the class because I wanted to do something I wasn’t sure off.  I love writing poetry and I text quite a bit, but I never viewed it as creating narratives. The third objective, “Explore a variety of digital technologies for the explicit purpose of employing them to create various narrative forms.” defines what I have been doing when I write a text or send an email or my ocassional posts, sending pictures, likes or messages on Facebook. One of my digital expressors says it like this, “sampling different forms of telling. Expressing your ideas and opinions using the media such as online social networking and music are ways that I can fully express my understanding of the concept. creating an identity for ourselves of who we are is important in being able to show the world what we think. Leaving your work out there and inspiring others to express themselves is something i am hoping to fulfill. Contributing in the process of bettering the world through ideas ,specifically story telling.” I have been telling digital stories and writing my narratives for so long and didn’t know it. Clarity at last! I have accepted it and now added to my resume “BLOGGER “. Hello world!