A 10am Class?!?!?!?!?

When I first scheduled myself for CT101 at 10am I did not think that I would have trouble waking up for the first class, being that I took 8am classes before (which is worse by far). However, I was definitely wrong about waking up. On the first day I fell victim to the snooze button on my alarm and rolled over to continue sleeping. I basically had to rush to class because  I was running late. It sucks that we are not allowed to run in the hallways, guess its a safety issue. 


When I finally arrived to class and read the syllabus, I was excited to know what I would be doing during the semester. What stood out to me the most was the fact that I would eventually create my own website as well as monitor it. My website is going to be a great platform for me to collaborate with artists as well as display my most recent work, especially some photographs. I can’t wait to learn new things and apply them!!


Photography Makes Me Happy

Something that I have recently discovered on social media (Instagram) that is making me happy is this page called Mood Ports. On the page, portraits taken by various photographers are displayed. As an amateur photographer I like to look at the work of others for inspiration, as well as ways to improve my own work. Just to be able to view the pictures and see the deluge of emotions/feelings that are portrayed within them amazes me. https://www.instagram.com/moodyports/

Below is one of the most recent pictures that I liked taken by https://www.instagram.com/jojoferrer1/,

Just Some More Gifs

When you and your date choreograph a routine for the club.
When your friend asks you to try their cooking.

For my gifs I decided to use clips from Friends, a WDSU news report, and The Nutty Professor. I wouldn’t necessarily say that creating gifs is hard/complicated being that the tutorial was easy to follow. However, the hardest part for me at least was finding clips to use during the process. I am looking forward to creating more gifs, but for the time being please enjoy these that I have posted 🙂