Charged Up !

2013dodgechargersxtwhite-l-bbf9f281a82a99a8Since my road test is a week from today, I thought I’d share my dream car. It is the 2013 Dodge Charger. I mean look at it. Its way out of my league! I especially love this model because it has a built in sound system powered by “Beats By Dr.Dre”. The interior is dark black leather and the car drives so smooth (especially in sport). I know that I might not be getting my hands on this car for a long time, I just had to share my car lust

My First GIF: Parkway Ready

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Really my favorite video ever so I put it to good use. Making a gif is way easier than it seems. Living in Brooklyn, the West indian day parade is an active tradition that a majority of us take part of on Labor day. Its a time to celebrate and end summer off with a bang. The parade resembles carnivals that take place in countries like Trinidad, Haiti, Jamaica, St.Vincent, Grenada, Barbados and Guyana. It is filled with trucks, masqueraders, dancing and good vibes.

“To Buy Or Not To Buy”

FullSizeRenderFor the past two years Ive taken up the path to becoming a makeup artist. The amount of money That I’ve spend on makeup can be frightening to one who that isn’t as well versed. Although makeup burns my pockets, it is an art that stimulates my soul and I don’t regret one penny and No youtuber goes unthanked. Love what you do and be Proud of your collections !