Can You Find All 5 Minions?

I’ve been working on this project for a week and I finally finished. I really fell out of touch with Photoshop and I probably need to reeducate myself on all of the functions and short cuts. I thought it would be fun to try out this “Where’s Waldo?” kind of project, but instead Spot the Minions (inspired by Professor Smith and the original assignment). So, what I did was opened Photoshop and Google and started copying and pasting animated characters (with transparent backgrounds) into Photoshop and arraigning them as messily as I desired. I then stuck in 5 tiny minions, and hopefully I hid them well enough. This is the first time I tried this kind of collage on Photoshop. And although it was tedious, it was also fun at the same time.

I’m not going to lie, this project IS very time consuming, but I started it and committed to it and I think it came out pretty good. I let a couple of my family members try to find the minions. They eventually all did but it took some others who didn’t have their glasses on a little longer (hint hint). Have Fun! Also, give this project a try for yourself!CTdisneyCTdisney <=== to see the image better


I love reading memes and finding funny ones online, so I decided to try and make some of my own. Watcha think??? The Messenger App KIK allows you to make your own Memes. I know I can make them on Photoshop too, maybe i’ll try that next.


Old and New

I have previous knowledge of how to make Memes and I particularly think that they’re very funny. I found a couple interesting ones on the link provided here. Actually, some were hilarious and while I was in class I was trying to be modest and not burst out into laughter.

Something new that I would love to learn how to do or rather attempt to do would be making a video specifically The hangover video. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no drunk. The description of the assignment was just very captivating. I think I would need to learn how to use a video editing system and I also would probably have to practice a couple of times before i upload my finish product. The skills that i would learn from doing these projects would be beneficial to me in learning how to create videos, and also how to do different styles of videos, instead of just photo sharing.

I Could Get Used to This!

Thoughts: December 10th- January 28th (Pretty much the whole break) “Why am I signing up for these classes? I don’t even like my Journalism major anymore, why am I still following Pathways’ requirements? Was I not just planning on switching my major and potentially colleges?”

Next Day: January 29th, 2015 (First CT class) “I think I actually like this class, there’s a short and sweet syllabus that can be interpreted in PLENTY of ways, small class, animated professor, and no one breathing down my neck behind me because we aren’t cramped in rows like misbehaved children (just a bit claustrophobic). I feel as though this class is going to be very beneficial to me because I’ve always wanted to learn how to make a blog and learn all this cool editing stuff, now in order ‘to show our understanding of the tools that we will learn, we could try them out by utilizing the skill and applying them to a given assignment’ and whatever we want to outside of this class.” I realize that I have been digitally telling stories for a long time from facebook/ instagram posts to trying out the YouTube scene, to vlogging, I just never classified it as anything beyond what it was. Social Media. Time to give this class a fighting chance!

 I could get used to this!!