Winter Strom Stella!!!!❄️❄️

Well idk about you guys but winter Storm Stella was a huge disappointment for me. Why?  because that rain after 12PM on Tuesday just made everything worst.  I can handle Snow storms, blizzards but i cannot handle Sleet. Its always a pain to clean my driveway and sidewalk after snow storms and it wasn’t easy this time either.

honestly these trucks should be considerate of other people. Every time i clean my driveway the sanitation truck puts all the snow right in front of my driveway and block everything again. 😡

Thats not cool Amtrak even though its not your fault but still not cool!!!!!

Video Credits:Weather channel



Create your own website

Creating your own website is easy. You can setup a basic website with the help of word press in roughly an hour. Choosing a domain name might consume most of your time because its a one shot thing. Once you register a domain name you cannot change it.

So far in my experience a reliable hosting service is offered by Reclaim Hosting Once you register a domain name, Download the WordPress software on the C panel.

WordPress is simply awesome! 👍🏼

You don’t need to know coding in order to be a web designer as long as your using wordpress.

Check out my website  I choose my own theme, catogeries and sub categories, Back ground color and much more.

Cinemagraphs are way cooler than GIFs!!!!

I got the Idea of Cinemagraphs from the DS106 assignment repository. I find Cinemagraphs to a lot more interesting than GIFs because you can get very creative with Cinemagraphs.

I followed the tutorial on Youtube, How to create Cinemagraphs. I recommend that you begin with a short clip such as waterfall.

later you can get creative with your work and record short clip yourself, make sure you have a tripod because your camera is suppose to record a steady video.

Animated Emoji!! This is FUN!!!!!

So animating a picture might a bit challenging at first but if you pay attention to the tutorial and work on adobe while the tutorial is playing it will make it easier for you to learn.

there’s no limit in what you can do in adobe, specially when it comes to animating a picture. My next post will be more creative maybe i will troll my older brother or trump lets see.

TIP: I recommend you start with a simple picture, once you learn all the basics feel free to challenge your self.