What your inspiration?

This week we had to pick two people that inspire us and find portraits. The first person I picked was Martin Scorsese who is one of my favorite directors. He has directed movies like Goodfellas and Shutter Island.If you haven’t watched Goodfellas I highly recommend you do, the acting is really well done and its hilarious.Here is a good article on the movie if someones is interested.

The second person I will use is John Hughes who has directed many of the 90’s movies that are still pretty infamous today like Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller’s Day off and Pretty in Pink.

Photoshop Gun with my name

Despite a well funded and sophisticated effort by the gun lobby to convince gun owners that any regulation of firearms violates their Constitutional rights and is a step toward disarming the population, the vast majority of gun owners know better. They are as sick of these killings as anyone else and want policies to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people.
Faith leaders helped transform our nation when they demanded progress in civil rights. With broad support from all of us for the cause, they may be key to leading America to the type of reforms we need to save thousands of Americans each year from gun violence.
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This is my photoshop structure of my gif