It’s Alive, It’s Alive, It’s an Animated GIF!



This week you are going to do your very first digital storytelling assignment from the ds106 assignment bank. Say it Like the Peanut Butter, is one of the first assignments ever created for ds106 and is a bit of a right-of-passage for students creating their first animated GIF.

Animated GIFs are something of a phenomena these having come a long, long way from their early days on the internet. They are the lingua franca of jokes, sports mashups, art, and impossibility. But the most common GIF is the simple loop of a piece of your favorite film of television. Often creating these perfect infinite repetitions that encapsulate a moment – now endless.

IF WE DON’T, REMEMBER ME. is a Tumblr blog filled with these moments including the one above from Full Metal Jacket.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy making animated GIFs and begin to look at film in a different way as you pull it apart and reconstruct it. But first a less on how to create these little internet monsters.


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