Why I am Going to Vote?

The last time I went to vote I remember there were many sections of the voting ballot and a lot of names I didn’t know. So I wanted to be prepared this time. So I googled who will be on my voting ballot this upcoming presidential election.

And I found this web page.


I entered my address hoping that this was safe and not a scam.


Then it took me to this place.


With the widespread fuss over Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton being our only candidates to choose from, many Americans are feeling discouraged to bother voting.

But. And a BIG BUT, there are more than two people running for presidential office and there more people running in this election to enter into the Senate, the Congress, and the Judicial System who are voted in by us and not the electoral college.

So although I am not very confident in the 4 choices for president I see in my ballot I surely won’t neglect them

Presidential Candidates (Race #1)


If you live in New York and maybe in my district you may have to vote for the following people.

US Congressional District 3 (Race #2)


US Senator (NY) Race #3


New York Assembly District 33 (Race # 4)


New York Senate District 11 (Race# 5)


Justice of Supreme Court 11th Judicial District



New York Supreme Court Judicial District 11 (Race#7)


Phew! I know that is a lot of people to choose from and what is great about this site is that you can select and compare candidates. That way you can be briefed on who is who and what they stand for. And if their bio is not present. Well, then you can alway go ahead and google them.

My point is that when you are neglecting your right to vote for president of the US (who is actually voted by the electoral college) You miss out on voting for other people who can make a difference in our system of checks and balances. You if don’t want to vote for Hillary or Trump then there is are still Jill Stein and Gary Johnson.

Will you vote?


Some additional resources to Ryan’s Net Art Tutorial

Here’s a video tutorial inspired by Ryan’s Net Art tutorial which shows the use of to.be as well as a new way to make selections in Photoshop using a color range. I worked with a NYPL archive image of the Unisphere and made a couple of pieces.

unisphere-4 glitched-unisphere-slower

One thing I couldn’t cover was the process for making a screen capture of your to.be field using Quicktime. That’s because I was using it to make the tutorial above!

So here’s the basic process. Open Quicktime and select new screen recording:


Then click record.


Your next prompted to click (anywhere) to start recording full screen, or drag an area to record part of the the screen.


That should look something like this.


Click start recording and the area with begin recording. The gif loop is probably very short so you should only record a couple seconds. To stop the recording, click the stop icon in the top of screen tool bar. Looks like this:


You should now have a screen recorded video file of your composition on newhive.com or to.be. With that you can import video to layers and create a GIF and post to your site.


When you from Brooklyn And they talking about Queens


Isn’t it ironic how I have Nicki sipping tea for Brooklyn; meanwhile she’s from Queens. Some aren’t familiar with the term “sipping tea” which came about in 2014. The term is essentially a form of throwing shade. It means that you see the drama, but it doesn’t phase you. With the shade that Secretary Clinton threw at Trump during last weeks debate, I found this term appropriate. Brooklynites such as myself consider our borough to be the best in New York and borough wars are quite common every now and again on social media. People defend their borough to the best on their ability but their borough isnt Brooklyn so….*sips tea*fullsizerender